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DRST Course and Event Diary

January 2018
Sat 27th Hedge Steeping (Laying) Course **COURSE FULL**
February 2018
Sat 17th Coppicing and Charcoal Making Course **COURSE FULL**
Sat 24th Hedge Steeping (Laying) Course (Taking Reserves)
March 2018
Sat 10th Blackdown Skills of the Hills Hedging Competition
Sat 17th Dry Stone Walling Course **COURSE FULL**
Sat 31st Wattle Hurdles Course
April 2018
Sat 14th Dry Stone Walling Course **COURSE FULL**
May 2018
Sat 5th Cob Walling Course
Sat 26th Cobblestoning Course
June 2018
Sat 16th Dry Stone Walling Course

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